The mentioned materials can be ordered free of charge, in small amounts, via the Info shop of the Austrian Autonomous Women's Shelters Association:

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  • Poster
    in colour, with campaign-logo and the number of the Women's Helpline
  • Business Card
  • Living FREE of Violence - Commercial
    The commercial promotes the free Women's Helpline 0800 / 222 555.

Info packages

  • Living FREE of Violence - pamphlet
    This pamphlet offers insight into the subject matter and gives information on help and guidance, but also how you can support tha campaign. It vontains an extensice amount of addresses of aid organisations for women, children and men.

  • Living FREE of Violence - Protection from violence - There is help! - Folder
    This folder orients itself towards affected women and is devised to strenghten them on their path away from violence. The folder gives a survey of organisations offering assistance in Austria.

  • Living FREE of Violence - You & me - Folder
    This folder presents workshops devised for children and adolescents, to raise awareness against violence and to strenghten their self-esteem.

  • Living FREE of Violence - Living FREE of Violence - Folder
    This folder focusses on organisations and communities that want to engage themselves especially against Violence against immigrant women.

  • Living FREE of Violence with your support! - Folder
    Tis folder informs you on the possibility of becoming a partner of the campaign. Individuals, social services, companies and charity organisations are encouraged and supported, so that every woman and child can live a violent free life.

  • Living FREE of Violence supported by my hospital - Folder
    This Folder wants to stress the importance of violence prevention in the health care sector and wants to reinforce it through the campaign.

Toolbox - Multiplicator-Training "Living FREE of Violence - You & me"

The Toolbox was devised by different organisations and therefore the collected set of the Toolbox is only available a a download. There is the possibility to request material singly, directly from the responsible organisations.